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Lately I’ve been trying to workout a lot more.¬† It’s difficult since my schedule is so crazy but I love getting to the gym and trying get in better shape. I’m sure it’s a riot for every one watching this 34 year old pastey fat guy running laps and then floundering in the pool. I’m sure they think it’s a whale in there thrashing around, but I sure feel better every time I go. I typically lift weights at the fire station when I’m on shift and the guys are encouraging and I appreciate it.¬† I’m at least able to run about 3 miles now and swim 600 meters. My strength is increasing about 10% each week. I haven’t noticed a ton of weight coming off but I’m down 10 pounds since I started a month ago. I’m sure if I gave up the daily Dr. Pepper and watched my diet a little closer, I’d lose a few more pounds….. but I sure do love the Pork Quesadilla at Cafe Rio and those darn Dunford Doughnuts are my weakness.

I am inspired by my good friend Zach Robinson and his dedication to getting in shape and making a total transformation in his physical appearance. The dude is running 10k’s and half marathons all the time and he’s dropped 40 + pounds!!!! He’s getting ready to run a couple of marathons¬† and I’m motivated partly because I’d like to accomplish some of the same things he’s doing now, but also I am sick of being a fat guy. My kids and wife don’t deserve to have a “fat dad” and “fat hubby”. I don’t want to be an embarrassment them. I’m going to start biking as soon as it warms up in the next couple of weeks and then hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish one of my goals this summer of competing in a “Sprint”. Basically it’s a really watered down version of a triathlon, but I’m looking forward to it and hopefully it will be a lifestyle change that I can stick with.

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