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Tonight Governor Herbert signed into law the controversial HB477. This bill would limit access to public state records through GRAMA requests and somewhat shrouds the public work by politicians in secrecy. This bill sailed through both the House and Senate at lightning speed.

All of this happened while the public outcry for the elected legislators to slow down and listen to the people appeared to be ignored. The Governor does have some responsibility to the voters for not vetoing this bill and having the legislature redesign this bill so that all parties are heard and understood.

This bill’s controversy is eerily similar to the Public Employees Retirement Reform that took place last year. It appeared that the voice of the public employees were ignored and the legislation last year was rammed through just like HB477 was this year.

I became a County Delegate and Vice Chair in my legislative district so I could maybe, just maybe, be a part of the political process and have my 2 cents heard. Doesn’t mean my elected legislator’s listened. And tonight, it is very clear that the agenda rolled along disregarding the public’s input. So, I have emailed my Leg. District Chair advising of my resignation from my position as Vice Chair and County Delegate effective immediately.

The political battles will continue and I’ll continue following and participating in the political process. I’m disappointed that so many voices were ignored and disregarded during this legislative session. I am convinced now, more than ever, that politicians say a lot of things to satisfy the public, but their real intentions are rarely ever disclosed.

The entire State of Utah has lost tonight. The credibility of several legislators, both Democrats and Republicans, from the House and the Senate will be held accountable for their votes. It will be interesting to see what happens during their re-election campaigns. Transparency had been a key word for so many for so long, and now it’s nothing but a past tense conversation piece.

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New adventures

On Tuesday night Melissa and I went to our caucus to find out who would be our new county and state delegates. As it turns out, I was nominated and elected to Precinct Vice-Chair and also county delegate. I have been wanting to become involved more in politics mainly because the State Legislature butchered the retirement benefits for Firefighters and Public Safety. There is a lot of frustration with our politicians inĀ  Washington D.C and it was very evident at the caucus meeting. The meeting was packed with a lot of first time attendee’s and I think a lot of it has to do with the people following Glen Beck and Sean Hannity and others. I listen to those talk radio shows from time to time. I think they have interesting viewpoints and for the most part, but sometimes their ultra conservative viewpoints bother me. My political perspective is conservative for the most part, but I like to hear and understand all sides of the discussions about current issues. I don’t always agree with the other side, but I try to build on common interests and take those valuable viewpoints to increase my knowledge. As I learn more, I will be able to make better educated decisions. We’ll see how this turns out, but I’m excited to become part of the solution instead of sitting back and waiting for others to take care of business.

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