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New adventures

On Tuesday night Melissa and I went to our caucus to find out who would be our new county and state delegates. As it turns out, I was nominated and elected to Precinct Vice-Chair and also county delegate. I have been wanting to become involved more in politics mainly because the State Legislature butchered the retirement benefits for Firefighters and Public Safety. There is a lot of frustration with our politicians in  Washington D.C and it was very evident at the caucus meeting. The meeting was packed with a lot of first time attendee’s and I think a lot of it has to do with the people following Glen Beck and Sean Hannity and others. I listen to those talk radio shows from time to time. I think they have interesting viewpoints and for the most part, but sometimes their ultra conservative viewpoints bother me. My political perspective is conservative for the most part, but I like to hear and understand all sides of the discussions about current issues. I don’t always agree with the other side, but I try to build on common interests and take those valuable viewpoints to increase my knowledge. As I learn more, I will be able to make better educated decisions. We’ll see how this turns out, but I’m excited to become part of the solution instead of sitting back and waiting for others to take care of business.

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Confused, I guess.

I was listening to “talk radio” today while I had to run some errands. I scan a whole bunch of station while I’m driving and I stopped to listen to a political radio show and I was confused with the reasoning that was being discussed. They were talking about how the President just authorized 30,o00 more troops to go to Afghanistan. They were blasting this latest policy about the war on terror. They were very critical of this decision, even though this same radio host was so adamant about sending troops there 8 years ago shortly after 9/11.  I understand that to be political these day you are expected to denounce what the other political party is supporting. I am so frustrated by the current politicians that are making big decisions for our country such as the war, health care, taxes, etc., etc.  I lean more to the conservative side of politics, but I really starting to look right down the middle and take the good from both sides. I have always tried to look at everything objectively. I wish our politicians would try to do the same. I’m not saying that my views are right or wrong, but it can’t hurt to see things from the other side once in a while.

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