A survey from my legislator and my response.

Recently, my State Legislator, David Lifferth (Leg. District 2) sent out a survey for his constituents to respond to. Take a look at it and see what my response was his survey. Here’s a copy of the email:


You may have heard about a recent proposal by Senator John Valentine to raise the Utah Sales Tax on Food from 1.75% to 4.75%. His proposal is revenue neutralso that no additional taxes are raised. Low income families, including many in our area will then get tax refunds at the end of the year when they do their taxes.

Nobody loves taxes (except apparently those that don’t have to pay it), but I do believe that we must have a “pay as you go” attitude and not leave debt for our children. I am angry about the generational theft that is occurring in Congress where massive debt is being incurred and our children and grandchildren are being left to pay the bill. This is the clearest form of “taxation without representation” that I have ever witnessed.

This is part of a general conservative strategy of “broadening the base” and “reducing loopholes”. In other words “we don’t need more taxes, we need more tax payers.”

Here are some links to read more about the proposal. I don’t know all of the final details, and some of the details have probably not been hammered out yet.

As is always the case, be aware of the agenda of the reporting and it is clear that none of these reports are neutral on the subject.

However, as part of my decision making process, I would like to get feedback from you and my other constituents. Here is an open discussion thread on this subject and I would love to hear your thoughts: http://davidlifferth.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-are-your-thoughts-on-sen-valentine-s-proposed-changes-to

Please take the survey on my web site DavidLifferth.com so I can gauge the sentiment for this proposal from you and my other constituents on this state issue.

Also the result of the last survey, “What method did voters in our area choose to cast their vote?” presented below. It does appear that the new “Vote by mail” option is becoming more popular with fully one-third of survey participants choosing that option.

Here is a link to my blog on this subject: http://davidlifferth.ning.com/profiles/blogs/what-method-did-voters-use-to-cast-their-vote-in-the-general


Representative Dave Lifferth
House District #2
Utah County GOP SCC


And here’s my response:

I had a very long and very well thought out comment typed out but I ended up hitting the back button on browser and it was wiped out and is probably lingering in some cyber space vortex never to be recoverd again. Anyways, in short, I would NOT be in support of any tax increase on food. Actually I would be in favor of eliminating a tax on all food items. I’m understand the theory of Senator Valentine’s proposal, but I’m not a favor of the state holding on to tax $$$’s collected, earn the interest on the taxes collected, and then refund the money to the lower income families. That makes no sense to me at all. Why not keep the hard earned money in the hands of those that need it most and let there dollars go farther and provide for the basic necessity of food. This is just another attempt for the legislature to add a revenue stream for the state while hurting those that can’t afford to lend their money to the state for a year. Bad idea. I’d be very disappointed if you were to support this proposal, even if the tax rate was increased 1 cent. There are plenty of other ways for the state to make money, but this is a terrible idea.
Like I said earlier, my original post would have made a lot more sense, but I’m not going to be able to re-create what I had typed out. Contact me if you’d like to discuss it further.
Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your survey. Keep them coming.
Craig Erickson
This response was hastily put together since I lost my original response. Please don’t judge me for any grammatical errors I may have made. Anyways, I’m a big advocate for using tax dollars wisely. Of course, I’m sure my thoughts about public policy and laws are quite different from most people I know, but I’m always happy to have an educated discussion with anyone that likes to discuss politics plus I’m usually right 🙂
On a more serious note, I’m back to blogging and I can’t wait for the legislative session to start so I’ll have new material to chat about.
It’s late. I’m out.
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