When my alarm went off this morning at 5:00am, I quickly reset it for 6:00am and went back to sleep. I had every intention to head over to the swimming pool and turn laps for about an hour before work. Yeah, that didn’t so much happen as I had planned. Instead I hauled by butt out of bed an hour later and made my way to work.

I was able to get a work out in a little later on that consisted of:

1/2 Hour Spinning

Clean 3×5 85 lbs

Reverse leg lifts 3×10

Push-Ups 5,5,5,3
I haven’t done any weight or strength training in over a year and it felt good to get after it. As far as the diet goes, here’s what I threw down my gullet:
Breakfast – 2 slices of whole wheat toast with peanut butter
Lunch – Bean and Bacon soup, Ritz Crackers, Baby Carrots, Small Gala Apple
Snack – Clif Protein Bar
Dinner – BBQ Chicken Tenderloins, Green Salad, Artisan Bread, Roasted Potatoes
So, overall I think I started the October Project off on the right foot. Did mention no soda or sugary treats were consumed? Although I did stare down a dozen Dunford Chocolate Donuts before my trusty co-worker jumped into action and made sure I didn’t have a weak moment.
Now on today 2 of this insane healthy eating and exercising routine. I’ll be at AirMed tomorrow so we’ll see if I can somehow keep the goal alive.
Weight 197
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One thought on “Oct.1

  1. Anonymous

    Good start. You can do it !!!!

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