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Today I posted a reply on Praying for Parker. This is a blog that Parker’s Mom, Tammy, posts updates about her son’s health and the struggles and victories that come with this brave kiddo’s medical conditions.

Not to take anything away from Parker’s blog, but by reading the thoughts that are expressed there, it is more evident that our politicians can, and often do, affect our lives by the laws that they think are good for us.

Take for example Rep. Jim Nielson – R, Bountiful District 19, wants to eliminate Daylight Savings Time. See the bill here. HB 199 has absolutely no benefit whatsoever, other than Rep. Nielson to further his political career. There is NO tax savings to the people of Utah. I could go on and on about it, but it’s just a simple example of our legislature just looking for ways to justify their existence of Capitol Hill.

Now to be fair, obviously we need to have well intentioned and politically savy people creating good sound laws and repealing bad ones. What I can’t stand though is when the politicians uphold public policy instead of seeing how those policies affect individual lives. Which is exactly what Tammy blogs about, and very well might I add.

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