A Perfect Day To Go Shooting

I really can’t complain that it’s December 30, 2011 and it was 55 degrees. I usually despise the weather once the temperatures drop below 85 degrees, but this is possibly a perfect winter – NO SNOW!!!

Anyways, the kids (Katie and Gunnar) received BB guns for Christmas and today was a perfect day to go and try them out. And of course the rest of the world thought it would be a great day to do the same. So after passing our normal shooting spot on Lake Mountain, we finally found a little piece of real estate to call our own on the BLM land near Soldier Pass Road in Mosida.

The kiddo’s have been super excited to go out and fire off a few hundred rounds of Daisy Steel Shot BB’s and as a proud father, I had to wipe away a few tears of joy when they were hitting the targets fairly regularly. With a little coaching and support from their old man, I think we may have turned these kids into fans of shooting.

My heckin awesome wife even got into the mix today. Although she was a little hesitant at first, we loaded up the .22 rifle and she laid down some lead on the hillside. I even got her to fire off my Taurus 9mm semi-auto hand gun. She’s always been supportive of having guns, but she’s been a little uncertain of handling firearms but only because she hasn’t been shooting very much. That will be changing and I’ll make a great marks-woman out of her yet.

All in all, it was a lot of fun. I haven’t been out shooting in a while and it will be something that I’ll make sure we go out and do more often. I believe in giving my family the knowledge of what firearms are capable of doing, but also showing them that it can be a fun and safe hobby that we can all enjoy.

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