Back to School….like 3 months ago.

I decided to go back to school this last semester in an effort to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Sciences. Although I had a  lot of general classes done, I have a few that I still need to take. One such class was Philosophy 2050 : Ethics and Values. Initially I was not at all excited to take this class, but it turned out to be one of the best classes I have ever taken. I was really able to open my perspective and see things in a different light. One of the assignments we were given was to write about our own personal Code of Ethics. I spent several weeks thinking about this assignment and writing several rough drafts, but here is the final product. And I was pretty happy that I received full credit on the assignment:)

Code of Ethics

During different stages of my life my code of ethics has changed and developed as I have grown and experienced several things. I believe that I am a good, moral, and ethical person, even though I have changed my thoughts and belief systems in an effort to make myself a better person. My code of ethics includes integrity, honesty, loyalty and happiness.

I don’t think my personal code of ethics fits into one category or follows just one philosopher, but rather it is a conglomeration of beliefs and philosophies. I think that most of my moral and ethical behavior relates to deontology, or to do what is right with no regard to the consequences.

I have found that by following Kant’s philosophy of deontology, I have never been put in a situation that I would need to question my integrity or honesty. I feel that this philosophy is a necessity to live a good, decent, and moral existence. Before taking the class PHIL 2050, I had lived according to these principles although I did not know it had been defined and studied for centuries.

Another philosophy that helps to define my code of ethics is consequentialism. I have a strong religious belief that uses this philosophy and helps me when I am making very important and long lasting decisions in my life. My religious beliefs affect my actions based on the principle and idea of how I live my life today will determine my reward in the afterlife. This philosophy has helped me to live a happy life. It has also been a strong foundation during very hard times. I feel that I have made some very good decisions in my life based on consequentialism. I believe that my family, friends and others have benefitted from the decisions I have made based on this philosophy.

One principle of my code of ethics, Loyalty, is hard to associate to one particular philosopher. I learned about true loyalty from my father and watching his interactions with his family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. He was able to show his fierce loyalty to those around him by always standing up for those he cared about, no matter what the circumstance. I learned more from his example than by reading any book that may have been written on the subject of loyalty.

My main focus in life is to be happy. My definition of happiness may be different than most people. I can simply define it by knowing I have done what is right today and provided a good life for me and my family. By doing these things I feel a great sense of satisfaction and know that I never have to question my intentions.

As I live according to the principles of my personal code of ethics including integrity, honesty, loyalty and happiness, I know that my life will be free of regrets and unanswered questions. At the end of each day I know that I can sleep peacefully knowing that I did what was right no matter the situation and I treated everyone with respect. And in the end, that’s all I can expect of myself.

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