New Year 2011

So, as part of some things I’d like to do this year,
keeping this blog current is on of my goals. I hope to blog about
the important things in my life as well as the simple, easy, and
sometimes mundane things of my life. The holidays have come and
gone and we all had a great time being with each other. Of course
the kids were excited about Santa coming and bringing gifts, but
for me it was all about spending time with my little family and
loved spending time with them. The New Years celebrations have come
and gone, but it’s been a great time to reflect on a few things
that I’d like to accomplish this year. Here’s a few that I’ve come
up with that I feel are doable. These are in no particular order.
1. Blog more and more frequently.

2. Work out regularly. Run a few
races, tri’s, bike races, etc.

3. Read the scriptures daily.

4. Devote more quality time to Melissa and the kids. Be a better
husband and father.

5. Become more financially stable and secure.
Anyways, here’s a start to a promising new year and goals that will
hopefully help me become a better person.

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